Edel Soccer Diamondblade The professional choice

Edel Soccer Diamondblade; the professional standard for soccer turf. Equipped with a unique, diamond shape TenCate fibre, it enhances sliding friendliness and the fibres stay upright perfectly because of the reinforced, massive core. The high quality and improved wear resistance, results in consistent playing characteristics and a better performance during the lifespan of the turf system. This system is excellently suited for pitches subject to intensive use. This superstructure is UV-stable and can be used in different constructions for professional and amateur level.

Product characteristics

  • Extremely durable
  • Fibre thickness 365 µm
  • The combination of design and the type of polymer results in the highest quality
  • Diamond shaped monofilament with massive core
  • Fibre thickness approx. 360 μm
  • Perfect playing characteristics during its entire lifetime
  • No fibrillation after use
  • Excellent resillience
  • Suited for intensive use
  • Extended Lisport Test; After 100.000 cycli still FIFA