Edel XP™ PRO The durable solution

Edel Soccer XP™ Pro is a durable system that owes its qualities to the unique TenCate fibre tapes. At first sight, the fibre looks identical to standard fibrillated yarns, but it surpasses all other fibre tapes. Whereas standard fibres may split and wear out, those of the Edel Soccer XP™ Pro system remain intact, even after intensive use. This makes the Edel Soccer XP™ Pro system incredibly hard-wearing and unique of its kind!

Product characteristics

  • Long lasting and optimal playing properties
  • A smooth and level pitch guaranteeing natural ball-roll, even after intensive use
  • Intensive use, extensive player amount per square meter
  • A natural ‘look and feel
  • U.V. stable
  • Keeps infill more securely in place thanks to the special designed TenCate yarns
  • Ideal for 5-a-side and public playing pitches
  • Eminently suitable for indoor, outdoor and multisport