Grassman is a dedicated manufacturer of synthetic grass and will continue to develop through professional research and testing of raw materials and synthetic grass products. To achieve the precise type, mix and balance of raw materials for our synthetic surfaces, we continually trial new materials and assess results – which is our ongoing guarantee of manufacturing the ‘best of the best’ grasses.

Conversely, we frequently provide our products to external experts for testing under the most stringent conditions to increase learning and gain more information on product performance under various stresses. Our products have been tested by a number of high-tech and academic institutions including the University of Calgary, the Universities of New South Wales, Toowoomba, Wollongong and Brisbane, the Centre for Sports Technology in London, Labosport in France and The Australian Wool Testing Association.

These materials and end product testing activities are reinforced by the fact that our suppliers, selected for their excellence, all have their own research, evelopment and testing programmes. The constant search for improvement and development has over the years contributed to Grassman being considered the industry benchmark. Numerous firsts and patent applications have been achieved and the innovation continues. A number of exciting industry revelations are currently under testing.

Our in-house yarn extrusion allows us to trial and develop ideas and leading edge technology the proprietary benefit of intellectual property and the ability to customize to achieve specific customer needs. We also have allegiances with some of the worlds largest yarn producers allowing us access to a total range of synthetic yarns available on the market. We manufacture using polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, co-polymers, monofilaments, multi strand colour monofilaments, combinations and our own Grassman roprietary PEPTM. All yarns feature a highly sophisticated process of pigment, maximum UV inhibitor and colour fastness unsurpassed in the industry. The impressive durability and resistance to weathering and abrasion make the yarns equal to anything available worldwide.

Our tufting capacity offers all machine gauges and stitch rate variances and vast volume. Our development achievement allows us to tuft synthetic grass with pile heights up to 100mm, the longest available. Our finishing plants are purpose built for synthetic grass and ongoing development allows us to achieve maximum tuft lock and durability required for some contact sport fields and uses such as horse racing turf. We have our own in-house laboratory and testing equipment aimed at constant quality monitoring and controls of our yarns and finished products. Unlike many of our competitors, our facilities have been purpose designed and built to take plastic raw material pellets at one end and then through complete integration produce finished synthetic grass at the other end. Our capacity allows us sufficient machine power to produce over 5 million square metres of synthetic grass annually.

Grassman has been a leader in the development of hockey materials for over 20 years. It was the first manufacturer to produce a field for Sydney Olympic Park and has produced and installed over 30 fields in Australia. It developed the first dry field and has been a key developer of the PEP non-burn dry field material through its ability to R&D the raw material input. Over the past 20 years Grassman has exported to many countries and was instrumental in producing over 70 multi-sports fields in China. Grassman manufactures wet, sand filled and revolutionary “waterless” hockey surfaces for schoos, clubs and professional play. Our new DUCC™ underlay has reduced ground preparation costs considerably, expanding the opportunity for clubs to upgrade their playing surfaces. All Grassman’s hockey surfaces are FIH approved