Edel Next Gen. Where purity meets performance

Edel Next Gen. – The next generation in football turf! Edel Grass brings yarn and design together to offer a long term features….the easy way.. The blend of the yarns combined with the density slows compaction and allows the yarn to stay upright, maintaining excellent playing characteristics. Edel Grass Next Gen. makes installation easier, quicker and less expensive. No infill means less maintenance. Lower maintenance costs means money for other investments. No rubber infill means it is more ecological and it feels more natural. It’s as close as you can get in terms of a natural look and feel!

Product characteristics

  • Exclusive combination of yarns
  • Excellent playing characteristics
  • Extremely good upright stability
  • Glass reinforced backing for perfect dimensional stability
  • Faster and more economical installation
  • Natural look and feel
  • Tricolour yarn
  • Eco friendly and recyclable


  • Training facilities
  • 5-a-side
  • Indoor